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I received a call 2 weeks ago, the representative stated to me all the benefits and also stated that I would receive a credit card with an $8000 balance which could be used for any purpose. She also said that they would charge my account $1.00.

They not only credited the $1.00 from my account, they also the following day took $149 from my account. I was foolish to have trusted them with my personal information. NSBA is definitely a rip-off!

I have tried repeatedely to reach them but with no success. The National Small Business Alliance is a rip-off!

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did anyone ever get there money back, they told me it takes 30-60 days. if I dont get my money back I will head to Washington along with anyone else who wants to go....I will NOT sit back and have my money stolen right from uner my nose...BS


They are a complete SCAM!!! Please tell as many people as you can.

They got ONE $ from us and following my gut and at least 20 phone calls with no human to speak to or message to be left I rushed to my bank closed my business account and reported them to the BBB that day.

Please I know times are tough and that is what these company's are preying on. :( javascript:ac_smilie(':(')

Molina, Colorado, United States #202018

This company is a scam. I am now contacting the Better Business Bureau of Washington, D.C.; the Attorney General's Office and my bank to have a claim filed against them for stealing my money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

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