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This company calls you to scam money from you the company is call national small business alliance.they are a bunch of thieves watch out for them.

the have a computer call you and offer you a bunch of ***. when I tried to call them and find out why I was being charged over 300 hundred dollars a month they could not explain it to me and hang up on me. I call again and waited on line for over 1 hour.

once I told the woman on the phone to explain why I was charged that amount she hang up on me.

Monetary Loss: $4000.


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Rhinelander, Wisconsin, United States #905535

they deducted 149.00 from my acct which i did not authorize i had to start new accts

Morganville, New Jersey, United States #685294

This "alliance" is ficticious!They solicited us by mail and we were enticed by the offereings so we joined -to the tune $509.90 and 3 months later I have nothing no benefits.

Can't get through on the member site to access any benefits. After about 20 phone calls to ONE so-called 'customer service" woman out in California, I finally requested a refund. This company or what ever they claim to be is listed on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC!! Isn't that where the White House is located????

Every time you email them it comes back undeliverable and the phone number if Wash, DC are disconnected.

I just wish I knew that before I gave them my bank account number.Well I was told to day that $149.00 is a one-time non refundable fee and I should call a lawyer and then she hung on me.


I have been scammed by this company also.$29.95 a month for almost two years.

I have received nothing for my money. I don't even remember what was supposed to be the benefits from this. How do we file complaints and stop this from happening to other innocent people? When I try to call I get no answer or a recorded message to leave my number and they will call me back.

Do not let anyone talk you into drafting from your account unless you know they are legit.This has cost me almost $600 and I have nothing to show for it.


LET THE BUYER BEWARE... A total scam,these people will keep calling your business repeatedly with totally fake offers. The best

thing to do is simply report them to your local District Attorney, as we have.The matter will be referred to the proper Cyber-Crimes Investigating unit.Keep a record of their calls from your phone account details.


There is nothing legitimate in the USA.Scams proliferate all over the place.

The 1% brigade, Wahington DC (DC stands for dirty crooks) The moral of this comment: KISS.

Do not give out info to some unknown *** otherwise you will be like a lamb to slaughter.Heed the advice.




I received an automated call on the business phone line offering a NFIB $8000 credit card as a member benefit.I hit "0" to find out more about it.

Greg, got on the line and told me the rate was 5.1%. He told me about joining the National Small Business Alliance for $1 on a 30 day trial membership. I asked for a website to check it out and he gave me (a legitimate, but not affiliated program). I asked for a number to call him back and it does work 1-877-202-1001 and he did answer, but he was EXTREMELY rude AND then he called me back to be RUDE again.

These folks are preditors.DO NOT CONFUSE (them) with other legitimate organizations like NSBA or NFIB.


This is a very scary outfit.This company is calling my small business repeatedly 8-12 times per day.

I spoke with a female who used profanity screamed and yelled and was just off the wall disrespectful.

This is not a legitimate business.These are scam artists!!!!!!BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!


I just got the same call....I asked if they would mind me doing a little research on their company before I gave out my banking information to a stranger on the phone and they said sure.I got a call back number from them and looked them up.

As you already know, this is a scam.

I called the number back and the automated message says "Hold for the next available operator"....which never ever comes to the phone.STAY AWAY!


This should not be allowed well the heck is going on in our country to have this stuff going on.

Flat out steeling and is a crime.

They should go to JAIL

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